iParks Webinar: Business Incubation: Taking Businesses From the Farm System to the Big Leagues

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Grow research park tenants with first-hand insight from one of the world's leading incubators.  Prepare companies for the big leagues by providing the resources to go from incubator graduate to research park tenant. The role of business incubators in research parks has grown substantially in the last twenty years accelerating business growth, driving innovation and fueling job creation in communities around the world. Join Charles F. D'Agostino, Executive Director, Louisiana Business & Technology Center, the 2005 National Business Incubator of the Year for a cutting-edge strategic plan on developing a leading incubator that can drive park marketing efforts and turn new high-tech startups into park tenants.  

Participate to Learn:

·     The advantages of having an incubator in your park.

·     What it takes for a park manager to establish an incubator.

·     How to form a strategic alliance with local universities or economic development entities.

·     How to incorporate business incubation into the park's marketing strategy.


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About the Speakers


Charles D'Agostino, M.B.A., Executive Director
Louisiana Business & Technology Center

 Charles F. D’Agostino earned a Masters Business Administration (M.B.A.) and Bachelors of Arts & Sciences in Chemistry from Louisiana State University. He received the Phi Delta Kappa – Excellence in Research Award in 1989 and Faculty Fellow designation from the Foundation of the Mid South 1993-94. He has served on the boards of the National Business Incubation Association (1991-1998), the Association of University Research Parks (1999-2005), the Greater Baton Rouge Port Commission (4 terms), and currently serves on the Louisiana Legislature’s Small Business Entrepreneurship Commission. He has been active in economic development as a practitioner and consultant for over 30 years.

Founder of the Louisiana Business & Technology Center (LBTC) of Louisiana State University, Charles has been its executive director since 1988. The LBTC serves as LSU’s business incubator, small business development center, technology transfer office, and disaster recovery business counseling center. In 2005, the LBTC was selected from over 1,000 international members as the National Business Incubation Association’s business incubator of the year. Under Charles’ direction, the LBTC added a 30-seat mobile classroom to conduct rural entrepreneurship training and disaster business counseling in 37 rural communities and hurricane-impacted areas annually. This program has won awards from the Southern Growth Policies Board, NBIA, and the Excalibur Award from the Association of University Research Parks for its disaster recovery programs.