Host Innovation Leaders in Your City

Searching for AURP 2023 International Conference Host  

Highlight your city and community of innovation by hosting AURP's 2023 International Conference. As the conference host, you'll be recognized as a leader in the field and attract worldwide attention to the exciting progress and successes of your region. 

To be considered, submit your proposal, electronically, to [email protected]

Deadline: May 6, 2022. 

Proposal Submission Requirements:

Proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria and must include the following information in order to be considered:

  • Identification of the proposed host institution and chairperson(s).
  • Identification of the proposed host committee members and their affiliation with the proposed host institution.
  • Description of the level of up-front financial support committed to the conference, and your ability to attract additional sponsors.
  • List of suggested themes.
  • Names of proposed hotels.
  • Background and demographic information on the proposed host city, to include amenities and benefits such as geographical and historical attractions, cultural and sporting events and any special community events that may run concurrent with the conference.
  • Description of the features and benefits of hosting the conference by your institution and in your city/region.

Submit your proposal, electronically, no later than May 6, 2022.

The AURP Board of Directors will review the proposals and select the host institution.

Candidates submitting proposals will be notified of the AURP Board’s decision no later than June 30, 2022.



General Information & Background

The Association of University Research Parks (AURP) is soliciting proposals from our members interested in hosting the AURP 2023 International Conference.

AURP At a Glance

More than 1,000 research communities are in varying stages of development worldwide, and a variety of university, governmental, not-for-profit and private organizations interested in the development and operation of research-related technology projects and programs comprise the major portion of AURP's membership. AURP’s mission is “fostering innovation, commercialization and economic growth in a global economy through university, industry and government partnerships”.

AURP Annual Conference Dates

This AURP annual conference is held in the fall on dates that avoid major national and religious holidays as well as other industry meetings. The conference is typically scheduled over a four-day period, starting with the AURP Board meeting on Tuesday and concluding with programming and/or optional park tours on Friday. Optional workshops are typically scheduled for Wednesday with the bulk of the conference programming scheduled for Thursday and Friday. (Note, a Monday-Thursday pattern will be considered)

AURP Annual Conference Attendees

The AURP Annual International Conference historically draws 250+ attendees including paid registrants, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors.

AURP Conference Committee Structure

The AURP Board of Directors has established the following conference committee structure and assigned duties as indicated.





Committee Leadership and


  • AURP Vice President
  • Other AURP members interested in participating
  • AURP President as ex-officio
  • Representatives from park member institution hosting the conference
  • Several local committee members who are able to assist in planning and in local sponsorship recruitment

  • Headquarters



Committee Duties:

  • General oversight
  • Input on meeting theme, speakers and concurrent sessions, in collaboration with the local host
  • Meeting content
    Recruitment of national sponsorships
  • Recruitment of speakers (often university, regional government, and business leaders)
  • Recruitment of local sponsorships
  • Recommendations for local unique venues
  • Tour coordination
  • Secure and manage site
  • Programmatic details
  • Budget and financial reporting
  • Marketing/PR
  • Registration
  • National sponsorships


Conference Specifics

Note:  These specifications are provided for your information only. AURP staff will manage the hotel proposal solicitation process. 

  • Date – Late September through early December, depending upon location
  • Location – a city or metropolitan area, which is also a major airline destination
  • Corporate Support –  Demonstrated significant support from local and state government agencies as well as private corporations, indicating ability to meet proposed budget figure of $85,000 in local sponsorships
  • Must offer a variety of cultural attractions, vacation destinations and special event venues
  • Length – 6 days, Sunday through Saturday inclusive of staff preparation and AURP Board Meeting; Actual conference will run Wednesday through Friday
  • Attendance – 250+
  • Hotels – 140 rooms peak nights (Wednesday & Thursday)
  • Special Events:

Off-site reception should be held at a place of local interest and able to accommodate 150-200 guests with heavy appetizers and cocktails; possible entertainment

Optional tours of host community and/or current projects


Recent Conference Locations

2022    MaRS Discovery District (co-hosts McMaster Innovation Park and David Johnston Research & Technology Park, Toronto, CANADA (Sept)
2021    University of Utah Research Park, Salt Lake City, Utah (Oct)
2020    Virtual Conference (Nov)
2019    Tech Square at Georgia Tech, Atlanta, Georgia (Nov)
2018    University of Maryland Discovery District, College Park, Maryland (Oct)
2017    Cummings Research Park, Huntsville, Alabama (Sept)
2016    University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (Sept)