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Incubation/Acceleration: Feb 5, Apr 2, Jun 4,  Oct 1 @ 2pm ET

A successful corporate incubator or accelerator depends upon three things: people, people, people. The heartbeat of every tech park and innovation district is the startups, whether commercializing a research project, a 4th year student project moving into the marketplace or a veteran tech genius with a new piece of code that changes lives. Let’s explore how do we move these startups through the ecosystem and scale into economic drivers for our communities.


Aaron Miscenich, MBAPresident and Chief Executive Officer, New Orleans BioInnovation Center, Inc.

Jim Currie, MBAPrincipal, JSCurrie, LLC; Manager, Training and Testing, University of Akron

Larry ShawChief Executive Officer of Knowledge Park, Inc. & Ignite Fredericton

Charlie D’Agostino, MBAImmediate Past President, AURP; Executive Director, LSU Innovation Park

CEO to CEO: Jan 8, Mar 12, May 14, Sep 10, Nov 12 @ 2 pm ET

The CEO peer group allows park executives to gather to create their own collaborative discussions and collection of best practices. This peer group of seasoned pros can be helpful to discuss how to keep the good times “rolling,” as well as how to manage any “difficult waters.”


Kevin Byrne,  MBAPast President, AURP; President, The University Financing Foundation

Mason AilstockPast President, AURP; Vice President of Operations, The University Financing Foundation

Ellen HemmerlyPast President, AURP; Executive Director, [email protected] Research & Technology Park

Greg DeasonPast President, AURP; Senior Vice President, Purdue Research Foundation; Executive Director, Purdue Foundry & Purdue Research Park


Facilities/Sustainability: Nov 20, Jan 15, Mar 19, May 21, Sep 17, Nov 19 @ 2pm ET

Facilities & Sustainability is one of the most complex elements of managing a university research park. This Peer2Peer group deals with issues such as new construction vs existing building, maintenance, renewal & replacement and sustainability of the physical infrastructure. Specialists join the group to explain and introduce the latest technology and solutions on financing, building management, communication, access systems, and recycling programs. The dark side of our responsibilities have to be addressed in our communities of innovation such as emergency response planning including lab and chemical handling, insurance, and risk management. The topics are endless in this Peer2Peer group!


Ken Marcus, MBADirector, University of Arizona Science & Technology Park; Chief Financial Officer, Tech Parks Arizona

Charlie DilksPast President, AURP; President, DilksConsulting, Inc.

Community/Place Making: Dec 6, Feb 21, Apr 18, Jun 20, Oct 17 @ 2 pm ET

Research Parks and Innovation Districts are more than just bricks and mortar, it is the sense of community and collaboration that set them apart and become the magnetic force that draws people, projects, and companies to co-locate with the like minded. This meet-up covers the strategies, successes and failures of events and amenities, purposeful planning, and trends in the location and development of communities of innovation.


Charlie DilksPast President, AURP; President, DilksConsulting, Inc.

Ellen HemmerlyPast President, AURP; Executive Director, [email protected] Research & Technology Park

Strategic Marketing:  Nov 27, Jan 29, Mar 26, May 28, Sep 24, Oct 29 @ 2 pm ET

Tech marketing leaders will share their ideas and best practices in this peer group on relevant topics, such as branding, advertising, promotions, publications, metrics, social media and more.


Kate Engel — Director of Communication & Culture, Nebraska Innovation Campus

Legacy and Large Research Parks:  Nov 29, Jan 24, Mar 28, May 23, Sep 26, Oct 31 @ 2 pm ET

Join up with our Legacy and Large Research Parks networking group which will cover a very unique set of challenges and opportunities. Whether it's considering new master plans, stakeholders or infrastructure, there is plenty to discuss and learn from others that share similar opportunities and challenges.


Scott Levitan President and CEO, Triangle Research Park

Erin Koshut - Executive Director, Cummings Research Park

Land-grant Associated Research Parks:  Nov 8, Feb 7, Apr 4, Jun 6, Oct 3 @ 2pm ET

Join up with our Land-grant Associated Research Parks P2P group to learn how to be heard above the 500 pound gorillas in our niche marketplace and take advantage of the industry relationships active in your university. This sometimes daunting task now has forum for sharing and knowledge exchange.


Daniel Duncan - Executive Director, Nebraska Innovation Campus, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

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